Quality Asuurance​

Aryadaru Pharmaceutical Company, the quality assurance team has extensive experience in all aspects of the pharmaceutical quality management system.
The quality system must ensure that products are continuously manufactured in accordance with GMP principles.
We are committed to creating and implementing an integrated quality system in the company based on the latest domestic and international requirements and regulations such as PIC / S.
We believe that the pharmaceutical quality system should be well defined and implemented at all levels of the organization.
The quality management system is responsible for ensuring that all processes are deployed in a proper manner.
The pharmaceutical quality system includes various elements such as the following:

  • Quality policy and quality manual
  • Process performance system and process improvement
  • Defined system for GXP implementation (GMP, GLP, GSP, GDP) and X
  • Corrective Action and Preventive Action System (CAPA)
  • Change management system (change control) and process deviation.
  • Quality Risk Management (QRM)
  • Product Quality Assessment (PQR)

Implementing a quality management system in pharmaceutical companies can facilitate continuous improvement throughout the product life cycle.

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