About AryaDaru​

Aryadaru pharmaceutical Co. has started its activity in 2019 in the field of manufacturing and providing of various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product.

Aryadaru pharmaceutical company is a subsidiary of Iran Pharmis Holding. Iran Pharmis Company is one of the largest provider of medical devices in Iran. Aryadaru Co. has started its activities in the field of production and import pf pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. We are focused on identifying knowledge based supplier of  pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplier worldwide to import and licensing manufacturing their product in our facilities.

Our Products



Medical Devices

Mission and Vision​

Our mission at Arya Daru Co. is to provide high quality pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals products from well-known and trusted sources worldwide. Our purpose is to play the imperative role in the country’s health sector by providing safe, effective and high quality medicines.

The company was established to help patients keep their health.

Arya Daru Co. puts emphasize on development activities to facilitate access patients to the products they need.

Arya Daru Co. aims at offering innovative and high quality products in order for everyone to reach healthy life on the optimal scale.

Our Team

Arya Daru Co. team has enough experience in the various aspects of pharmaceutical/ nutraceutical industries for registering, importing, contract manufacturing and marketing of new products perfectly in Iran. We are fully acquainted with current regulators in order to register and get authorization for our partner companies. Our team has a good industry expertise in order to conduct our partner regarding specific requirements and rules. The members of Arya Darou Co. have worked as pharmacist, managing director, regulatory affair manager, responsible pharmacist, quality assurance manager, quality control manager, sales and marketing manager, marketing supervisor, in various pharmaceutical/nutraceutical companies for many years.

Marketing Network: Arya Daru Co. Company carries out its marketing networks to introduce and market relevant products all over Iran. The company has a professional marketing team to joint external companies around the world. Our sales and marketing team is assessing market demand and choosing the products to maximize presence and profitability effectively.

Regulatory team: We provide regulatory support and working with local authorities (MOH) to register our products; we are fully aware about the process of registration of a foreign company with relevant products in Iran. Regulatory department with including: regulatory affair managers (as a responsible pharmacist) and regulatory expert communicate with our regulatory to carry out the process of submitting of any relevant documentation to regulatory in order register partner company in MOH.

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